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Lifes Ultimate Adventure

Acrylic on Canvas - 66" x 50"

The painting "Life's Ultimate Adventure" was inspired by a class taught by Pastor Jim Price at Lakeside Church in Folsom California called "Life's Ultimate Adventure". Jim referred to scripture for teaching us how to reach Salvation through following Christ. In the painting concept Ron translates this experience to climbing the ultimate mountain. One travels through a series of hilltops, pastures and valleys along the way to reach the mountain top where Christ is waiting. In the work, blue overlapping images symbolize the platforms or pastures. At the edge of the pastures are deep canyons where Sin is always tempting us to stray. Through God's grace we are blessed to reach the top if we truly trust in the Spirit and live a life through Jesus Christ.

The platforms one travels through as taught by Jim Price are as follows:
1. Sowing
2. Stewardship
3. Service
4. Sacrifice
5. Surrender
6. Sanctification
7. Salvation

Ron is currently working on a second painting that will be this paintings sister. The new painting will be similar in form but less symbolic. The painting will include the platform names and the temptations of sin as it relates to scripture.

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